12 Oct


a good read:)

Originally posted on Metaphor:

If you stare long enough at that space between the trees – there, where the row of dry junipers leads the eye down to the field of baby’s breath – you begin to see water. It’s a lake, perhaps a sea, lying peaceful and cool, and not a field at all. You can hope that no one comes to cut it, plow it, leave it fallow for winter. That’s what she sees from the window each morning, when she rises and stands alone in the house.

The sun is just up, strikes the potting shed with its white window boxes, and shines on the hollow bones of the swing set rusting in the yard. There is a mourning dove on the crossarm of the power pole, cooing to himself. This was always her favorite time of day. So calming to stand by the window, looking down at the wet grass…

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11 Oct

been going through lots of exciting videos and things from here and there to inspire check this one out :)

“Proteigon” is an entertaining film directed by Steven Briand and starring Luca Fiore. The music is well synchronized; it was composed by Nodey and Omar and sound design by Moritz Reich.


Thought of You

11 Oct

my favorite animation, by Ryan Woodward. Simply beautiful, enigmatic characters and movements, perfectly blends every movement with the song. creating a world, a dream for everyone :)

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

olivia bee’s photostream

11 Oct
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Suburban Kisses (Plagued By Palms)
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one of my favorite photographers, whose work inspired me to paint wonderful things:) do check her work, its so dream like

Hello all the artsy and non artsies out there!

4 Oct

Welcome to my trickly dribbly artbox! :)

i wil be adding my artsy trickly bits, inspirations and everything else to this blog and will look forward to comments with feedbacks and bits from you all to add to this small artbox :)

Happy blogging!

Trickly dribbly artbox

i'd be artsy, very very artsy

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